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  • ANNE L

    "My yorkie loves the Lil Barkers! I love that every batch is made fresh to order, it gives me the peace of mind knowing she's in good hands"

  • Robert

    These dog treats smell and taste so good that my dog Jax comes running just from the noise of the treats, even from another room.


Anyone have a picky dog like mine? Then you'll love it here! My pup Evie is THE pickiest eater! She refuses to eat kibble or any store bought treats so I started playing around with dog safe recipes (even humans can eat!) to create the perfect treats and food for her which she LOVED! Eventually I started making them for my neighbors/friends and their pups drool as soon as they hear the sound of the bag! That's when I realized why not share the goodness with everyone? And that's why I started Barking Orders, to ensure that your pups get to enjoy delicious treats made with fresh ingredients, made to order to ensure that your pups get the best quality products! I hope your pup loves these snacks as much as mine does! Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back again soon!